2017 Hyundai Accent Hatchback

2017 Hyundai
Accent Hatchback

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  • Capacidad máxima de pasajeros - 5
  • Asientos delanteros tipo butaca
  • Asiento trasero de tipo banco
  • Asiento trasero plegable y abatible
  • Radio AM/FM - SiriusXM
  • Reproductor de CD
  • Decodificador MP3
  • Altavoces - 6
  • Suspensión delantera independiente
  • Barra estabilizadora delantera
  • Dirección asistida
  • Dirección asistida proporcional a la velocidad
  • Llantas delanteras - 175/70 TR14.0
  • Llantas traseras - 175/70 TR14.0
  • Dimensión de los aros de ruedas - 14 pulg
  • Aire acondicionado
  • Ventanas eléctricas
  • Apertura de un solo toque
  • Cerradura central de seguros a distancia con control remoto
  • Entrada con iluminación
  • Volante inclinable
  • Espejo de cortesía del lado del conductor
  • Espejo de cortesía del lado del pasajero
  • Portavasos delanteros
  • Consola de techo
  • Cajuela en la puerta del conductor
  • Cajuela en la puerta del pasajero
  • Garantía de parachoques a parachoques - 60 meses/60,000 millas
  • Garantía sobre el grupo motopropulsor - 120 meses/100,000 millas
  • Garantía contra la perforación por corrosión - 84 meses/distancia ilimitada
  • Garantía de asistencia en la carretera - 60 meses/distancia ilimitada
  • Espejos retrovisores con ajuste eléctrico
  • Espejos retrovisores - color carrocería
  • Parachoques - color carrocería
  • Cilindrada - 1.6 L
  • Configuración de cilindros - I4
  • Potencia - 137 cv a 6,300 rpm
  • Par motor - 123 pie-lb a 4,850 rpm
  • Válvulas - 16
  • Control variable de intervalo de válvulas
  • Longitud variable del múltiple de admisión
  • Combustible recomendado - regular sin plomo
  • Transmisión manual - 6 marchas
  • Tipo - tracción delantera
  • Economía de combustible combinada - 31mpg
  • Tanque de combustible - 11.4 galones
  • Economia de combustible en ciudad - 27mpg
  • Economia de combustible en carretera - 37mpg
  • Limpiaparabrisas trasero
  • Desempañador
  • Lámparas de lectura delanteras
  • Tacómetro
  • Indicador de la temperatura exterior
  • Indicador de baja presión de aire en los neumáticos
  • Computador de recorrido parcial
  • Visualizador - digital/analógico
  • Cilindrada - 1.6 L
  • Potencia - 137 cv a 6,300 rpm
  • Par motor - 123 pie-lb a 4,850 rpm
  • Diámetro x carrera - 77.0 x 85.4 mm (3.03 x 3.36 pulg)
  • Relación de compresión - 11.00 a 1
  • Longitud - 4,115 mm (162.0 pulg)
  • Ancho - 1,699 mm (66.9 pulg)
  • Altura - 1,450 mm (57.1 pulg)
  • Distancia entre ejes - 2,570 mm (101.2 pulg)
  • Radio de giro - 5.2 m (17.1 pies)
  • Espacio para piernas delantero - 1,062 mm (41.8 pulg)
  • Espacio para piernas trasero - 846 mm (33.3 pulg)
  • Espacio para la cabeza delantero - 1,013 mm (39.9 pulg)
  • Espacio para la cabeza trasero - 960 mm (37.8 pulg)
  • Espacio para caderas delantero - 1,303 mm (51.3 pulg)
  • Espacio para caderas trasero - 1,199 mm (47.2 pulg)
  • Espacio para hombros delantero - 1,364 mm (53.7 pulg)
  • Espacio para hombros trasero - 1,356 mm (53.4 pulg)
  • Volumen de pasajeros - 2,551 L (90.1 pie3)
  • Frenos frenos antibloqueo (ABS)
  • Sistema de asistencia al frenado de emergencia
  • Dos bolsas de aire frontales
  • Dos bolsas de aire laterales delanteras
  • Bolsas de aire integradas en el techo
  • Bolsa de aire con sensor de ocupantes
  • Alarma de pánico
  • Programa de estabilidad electrónico
  • Control de tracción
  • Cabeceras delanteras con protección contra traumatismos cráneo-cervicales


  MSRP Motor Transmisión Ciudad/Hwy mpg
SE 2017 Hyundai Accent Hatchback SE Buscar nuevos $14,995   137-hp 1.6L 4-cil  man.  27 / 37  
SE 2017 Hyundai Accent Hatchback SE Buscar nuevos $16,195   137-hp 1.6L 4-cil  automática  26 / 36  
Deportivo 2017 Hyundai Accent Hatchback Deportivo Buscar nuevos $17,495   137-hp 1.6L 4-cil  automática  26 / 36  


Driving Impression

New Car Test Drive

Some of the Accent’s competitors are quick, we’re thinking of the racy and delightful models of Ford Fiesta and Fiat 500. The Accent is not quick. If you want quick and sporty, then see: Hyundai Veloster.

Accent’s 1.6-liter engine makes 138 horsepower and 123 pound-feet of torque. It builds speed deliberately, taking about 10 seconds to hit 60 mph. Revving the engine above 3500 rpm draws as much power out as quickly as possible. The engine sounds relatively smooth at those engine speeds, which is saying something some competitors can’t say; although there is a bit more noise at higher revs, particularly in the hatchback, apparently because of its cabin structure.

The 138-horsepower engine struggles a bit up long hills or when there are backseat passengers. Otherwise, it works well with the 6-speed manual gearbox; the 6-speed automatic works fine, too, with its Sport mode and manual control.

The Accent can feel graceful on winding roads, if not particularly lively, because the electric power steering is tuned to feel firm like a midsize sedan. We prefer the Sport model.

The suspension features twin-tube shocks and a stabilizer bar for the front struts, while the rear uses a torsion beam. Ride quality can be jarring over potholes and bouncy on frost-heaved highways, although that is true of any short-wheelbase vehicle.

Walk Around

New Car Test Drive

The Accent sedan is not distinctive; it looks like any other compact sedan, with a stubby trunk and tall roofline. It’s a generic car, only the Nissan Versa looks more boring.

Accent looks big for a subcompact, with its embrace of the Hyundai Elantra profile. The trapezoidal grille and graceful lines running to the rear deck are Hyundai features.

The hatch has an upswept rear end that’s pert, not edgy and swoopy like the Honda Fit. We like it. The shoulder line runs with the longer roofline to a pinched hatch, where taillamps wrap around the rear pillars.

Interior Overview

New Car Test Drive

The Accent is spacious for its class, although it can’t compare to the Honda Fit, which costs much more. The sedan is 10 inches longer than the hatchback, with more cargo space with the seatbacks up, but it offers less interior versatility. It’s technically a compact by federal guidelines.

The cabin is simple and effective, with streamlined controls and low-gloss plastics, except for the hard and shiny black plastic on the center console and doors. The dashboard is shaped like a big boomerang, and finished in a matte that suggests carbon fiber. It’s nicely finished for the price point. The finish is average or better.

There’s ample storage inside. Big glovebox, and good bins and trays.

There’s plenty of headroom, legroom, and ease of entry and exit for tall passengers, in front. The front seats are height-adjustable, and even at the top there’s good headroom. The standard seats need more bolstering, and are uncomfortable after a few hours. The Sport seats are nicer and a bit better.

Room in the rear seats is respectable for a subcompact, but the cushions are a bit low. They fold forward easily in both the sedan and hatch, although again can’t compare with the clever fold of the Honda Fit.

Rearward visibility is restricted in the hatchback because of the big rear pillars and the standard rear headrests, but the sedans don’t have the same issue. We wish a rearview camera were at least optional.


New Car Test Drive

Hyundai Accent is a competent subcompact at a compelling price. It offers good looks, a clean cabin, 30 mpg, and the best warranty in the class.

Sam Moses contributed to this report.

Model Lineup

New Car Test Drive

The 2017 Hyundai Accent comes in SE Sedan ($14,745), Value Edition Sedan ($16,450), SE Hatchback ($14,995), and Sport Hatchback ($17,495) models. (Prices are MSRP and do not include destination charge. All models are front-wheel drive with 1.6-liter engine.

Accent SE includes power windows, locks, and mirrors; air conditioning; heated mirrors; AM/FM/XM/CD player with USB port; and keyless entry. The SE Hatchback adds a rear defroster, 172-watt sound system with satellite radio and iPod connectivity. Cruise control and Bluetooth are available, but leather, navigation, sunroof or rearview camera are not.

Accent Sport Hatchback gets 16-inch wheels; sport-tuned steering; fog lamps; a sliding armrest; and special trim.

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